Free, or almost free, fun things to do in Houston, Texas this month


Event – Buffalo Bayou Park Scavenger Hunt (Free to $45)

Location –  1800 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX

Description – The folks over at Buffalo Bayou Partnership have come up with some creative ways for exploring wildlife, including a free Scavenger Hunt.  “It’s cool, literally and figuratively,” says Trudi Smith, director of public relations and events. “Thursdays are free, and Friday through Sunday they’re two dollars per person.” For those not content to stay on land, Bayou City Adventures rents out kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards from Lost Lake on weekends.


Event – Crime Scene Open House (Free)

Location – 1620 Crockett St., Houston, Texas 77007

Description – Are you looking for a fun, informative and free activity this summer? Come check out the Houston Forensic Science Center’s Lt. Barry McDermott Crime Scene House located near Downtown Houston! This open house will feature mock crime scenes and outside adventures suitable for children and adults of all ages.


Event – Beetle (Beatles Tribute) (Free)

Location – 3700 Main, Houston, TX 77022

Description – Thursday nights you should grab your friends or spouse and head over to the Continental Club for a 3 hour, happy hour event showcasing a tribute to the Beatles.  The dance floor gets crowded for this event, so arrive early.  Full bar available.


Event – Kusama: AT the End of the Universe (Free – $15)

Location – 1001 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX  77005

Description – The insanely popular artist Yayoi Kusama is featuring her eclectic art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston until September 18th. Days are Tuesday and Wednesday.  The art is very visually appealing and makes your day brighter

PorticoKirbyFireplaceRoudabush-2015-11-18-Portico Kirby-354-1.jpg






Residents of Portico Kirby in Houston, Texas are in close proximity to these great events.  Living at Portico Kirby, residents have access to many great amenities which add more excitement to any gathering. Consider entertaining company in the one of the two outside courtyards equipped with a beautiful fireplace, gas grills and sectional seating.  Or, enjoy drinks pool at the resort style pool equipped with cabanas.

Consider touring Portico Kirby Today!

Top 5 things you should know if you’re planning to call Houston Home

Locals love to call Houston “H-Town”, use this simple phrase to fit in right away.


Living in Houston, H-Town, means you’re a part of a fast growing city that has a growing job market, unique food choices and a ton of activities to fill your schedule. Food ranging from BBQ to Catfish are made in a variety of ways making these restaurant staples unique every time.

The people moving to H-Town are trending younger compared to years past. The median age is 33 years old.

PeopleDrinkingWineSmallCompared to the national average, Houston is considered a very affordable city.


Within a 1.5 hour drive of Houston you have a great beach to enjoy, Surfside Beach. This destination offers shopping, restaurants, and miles of sandy beach to relax.

surfside beach

Picking your next neighborhood is key in having a well-rounded life.  Making sure your new home is in the heart of things, while still being able to escape to your own sanctuary is important.  Living at Portico Kirby offers this work-life-balance that everyone craves.

Find below pictures of the amazing Portico Kirby community.  Situated in the popular Braeswood Place neighborhood its location is close to everything – Rice Village, NRG Park and convenient transportation.

 Call the Leasing Staff today to schedule your tour and make Portico Kirby your next home.  844-522-7579.

The best apartment community for pet owners in Houston, Texas

Many find much joy and fulfillment when pets are a part of their everyday life.  Living with pets promotes a healthy lifestyle, a compassionate disposition, and studies share it can lower blood pressure.  As a resident of Portico Kirby, you can enjoy watching your furry family member romp around our dog park or take long walks along the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail.

Dog Park and CourtyardTrail Map, Kirby

For weekend strolls, consider visiting the Rice Village area for brunch/coffee or happy hour.   It’s a short 25 minute walk or 10 minute drive from Portico Kirby.

Consider Local Foods for a great Lunch where a pet friendly patio is available.


Local Foods, Houston Rice Village

Sweet Paris in Rice Village is a great treat spot for crepes.

Sweet Paris Rice Village Houstin

Consider Ruggles Café and Bakery as another option for Pet-friendly eating in Houston, Texas.

Ruggles Cafe Rice Village Houston.jpg

At our community, the allowed furry friends list is big, check it out here:

apartment dog policy houston texas

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Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Houston, Texas

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday where love fills the air.  Once dominated by couples, the holiday is now often celebrated by families and friends, as well.  The celebration of love is universal and makes everyone feel special.  Whether a family celebration at home over a collaborative menu, friends co-hosting a brunch, or couples retreating to a quaint restaurant, it has become a day for everyone to enjoy.   For the family, perhaps the creation of homemade cards is a way to show your love.  For a friend, the purchase of a drink is a good way to show you care.  For those in a relationship, an expression of love can be communicated through words of appreciation or through a gift as a token of your affection.  There is no wrong way to show how you care.

Here are a few options for Houston events this Valentine’s Day:

Live Music, Dancing, and Dining at Sambuca


Source: Sambuca

Brunch Menu Ideas

VD Brunch Menu

Source:  William Sonoma

Easy Family Recipes

Family Recipes for Vday

Source:  Food Network

Residents who call Portico Kirby home can get a leg up preparing for Valentine’s Day.   Visit the Clubhouse on Tuesday, February 9th to patriciate in a Cooking Class organized by the management team where the fare is desserts.   The class is an example of the many events that happen monthly at the property.

It will be held in Portico Kirby’s beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen with entertaining room.  This space is available for resident use, just contact the front office.


If you would like to enjoy the starlit sky on Valentine’s Day, consider our wonderful outdoor space, located in the entertaining courtyard.  The space is equipped with two large gas grills, a fire place and a variety of seating.



2016 New Year’s resolutions worth trying

Fall in love with cooking – Take control of the food you consume, by cooking it yourself.  Learning the ingredients to a delicious dish makes you more aware of your calorie intake and lends an opportunity to find substitutes for healthier alternatives.  Here’s a few substitutions worth trying:

  • Coconut for canola/vegetable oil
  • Applesauce for sugar
  • Flaxseed meal for bread crumbs
  • Cauliflower rice for white rice
  • Romaine lettuce for Iceberg
  • Spaghetti squash for pasta
  • Sweet potatoes for russet

Making small adjustments to the food you consume, plus preparing it yourself, makes it easier to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

cooking at home.jpg

Try something new, with a twist – Consider making a “money jar” where you contribute $1-5 each time you try something new.  Always being in your comfort zone is great, but the chance to elevate your life through new experiences is very satisfying. At the 3 month mark, or the mark of your choosing, take your collection and treat yourself to something!  It’s a win-win; new experiences and a reward at the end.  This works well when training for a race or taking up running. For each mile you complete, toss a dollar in the jar.


Volunteering promotes happiness – Find opportunities in your area to volunteer.   In Houston, check out Volunteer Houston.  Research shows volunteering promotes an overall happy rush that lasts more than a few hours.  Not sure on where to begin, check out these great 10 Tips for Volunteering.


Living at Portico Kirby affords you the opportunity to use our chic entertaining kitchen that comes equipped with a ton of counter space, full oven and big sink.  Make it a group affair and invite friends!  Contact our front office to reserve your fun-night-in!

Entertaining Kitchen.jpg

Pet-friendly Apartment Living, Houston Texas

Living with pets can provide much enjoyment.  Pets, whether dog, cat, bird or otherwise, offer many opportunities to a better lifestyle, on many levels.  Having one, or more, promotes healthy living, i.e. walking your dog, relationships, (a companion on the couch), and patience,  (the act of caring for someone else).  Making sure you have the right amenities at your fingertips ensures a balanced pet/human lifestyle.

dog, playful

Top 5 items to have, when a pet is a family member

1. For a good night’s sleep, a cushy doggy bed

2. To save time cleaning, a feeding area mat

3. To save furniture, a good cat scratch post

4. To save your fabulous shoe collection, doggy chew bones

5. To offer exercise for you both, a great leash

If a walk isn’t an option stop by the Portico Kirby pet park and give your furry friend a safe space to romp free.  Conveniently located next to our outdoor patio area, enjoy a book or catch up with family/friends to make it a happy hour.

dog park, kirby


Being a pet-friendly apartment community, our staff often receives visitors from the furry tenants. Below is a picture sharing our staff and their visit from a resident’s new puppy.

Gunner, office puppy

Staff (left to right) – Ginger Strange (Manager), Melissa Slater (Asst. Manager), Alexander Noriega and Matthew Waharton (Leasing Consultants) – and the puppy “Gunner”.

apartment dog policy houston texas

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment community, in the Houston area, stop by Portico Kirby to experience our luxury apartment atmosphere. Schedule your tour today.  Call: 844-522-7579

4 need-to-know Fitness tips for the holiday season

fitness tips for the holidays


               Studies show that if you drink an extra 8 ounces of water a day above the daily allowance of 64 ounces, you’ll increase your metabolism by 30 percent.  Consider this Water Intake tool to best calculate your daily allowance needs.   Note, water consumption doesn’t need to only be from the ‘clear’ stuff, consider fruits and veggies to switch things up. Consider this Water Content of Fruits and Vegetable chart to help you make good food choices.


Uncommon Walking Opportunities

When shopping this holiday season, consider walking to your destination.  If you’re not able to walk, take the bus and exit 1 stop before your desired location.  Should you need to drive, park you vehicle at the opposite end of your location, giving you more steps per day.  The recommended step count is 10,000.  Use the 300 minute rule for calculating your steps.  Adding an extra 8-10 minute walk each day, quickly adds up.  You’ll likely add an extra 20 minutes of walking, to your week, by applying these minor adjustments.

Keep a food journal

The thought of adding another task to your already busy day seems a bit much, but if you do it for the heavy eating months, November and December, you’ll be happy you did.  Buy yourself a small note pad, or use a nifty app on your phone.  By documenting your food, and also noting food choices for later in the day (e.g. attending cocktail party), you’ll stay in-the-know on what you’re consuming.  Research shows if you are ‘aware’ of your food consumption, you’re more equipped to make better food, and drinking, choices.


Grab and Go food options

As the days grow busier and busier, make sure you have healthy food options on hand.  Grab-and-go style are ideal.  Stocking your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks keeps the feeling of starvation at bay.  Here’s a list of 8 easy snack options, which require little preparation:

Pantry: Pre-portioned – pretzels, almonds, raisins, and/or granola clusters

Refrigerated: Pre-portioned – carrot sticks, celery stalks, cheese sticks and/or grapes

snack-container-dryfoods_300  snack-container_300

Photo courtesy: RealSimple

Even though schedules get busy, you should still incorporate a 30 minute workout, 3 days a week.  At Portico Kirby, the community includes a well-equipped fitness center for all fitness levels.

(05) Kirby Fitness Center

Featuring 3 flat-screen TV’s and complimentary Wi-fi, the fitness center makes it easy to watch your favorite show or streaming your favorite playlist.

 Make Portico Kirby your new home, schedule a tour today.